Twin Metals Minnesota Response to Senator Smith’s Letter Requesting a Mineral Segregation and Withdrawal Study for the Rainy River Watershed

Friday March 26, 2021

St. Paul, Minn., March 26, 2021 – The Twin Metals Minnesota project is currently undergoing two separate environmental review processes at both the state and federal level. The only way to accurately assess the potential impacts of a mining project and its surroundings is through this rigorous, law- and science-based regulatory review process. Imposing an additional and non-specific study when there is already a detailed, data informed proposal in place for Twin Metals undermines trust in science and our regulatory system and will have a chilling effect on investment in Minnesota’s rural economies. In fact, a comprehensive 2012 Environmental Impact Statement on exploratory impacts related to Prospecting Permits in the Superior National Forest completed by the U.S. Forest Service acknowledged that any additional potential impacts should be assessed as part of a specific mining proposal.

Twin Metals is proposing a modern underground mine that will use the best available technologies, have minimal surface impact, and ensure three things: no acid rock drainage, no discharge of process water and no toxic waste. We expect the environmental review process to confirm what over $450 million in investment and scientific research has shown. All of that data will be available to the regulatory agencies, tribal governments and the public as we submit volumes of information this year to support the environmental review process.

The stringent standards in place that Twin Metals will be required to meet will protect the surrounding region and the already permanently protected Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Twin Metals has developed its project under the highest global guidelines for responsible mining to ensure we will meet these standards.

Northeast Minnesota holds the minerals needed for our transition to a low-carbon future and will play an important role in bolstering our domestic supply chains. The region contains 95% of known U.S. nickel reserves, 88% of the cobalt, 75% of platinum group metals and 34% of the copper. President Biden’s recent Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains highlights the urgent need for these minerals. Any mineral segregation in an area of northeast Minnesota long designated for mining activity would run contrary to that executive order.

About Twin Metals Minnesota: Twin Metals Minnesota is a Minnesota company focused on designing, constructing and operating an underground copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals mining project in northeast Minnesota. The TMM project brings the promise of significant long-term jobs and environmentally responsible economic development for generations in Minnesota. Twin Metals is owned by Antofagasta plc, one of the top ten copper producers in the world. For more information, visit

Kathy Graul
Manager, Public Relations