Did you know?

You use metals every day.

If you use a cell phone, you use copper and nickel. If you use electricity, you use copper for wiring. If you drive a car, you use nickel. If you use batteries, you use cobalt. The metals of our project are the metals you use.

Technology has changed mining.

Advanced technology makes modern mining safe for workers as well as the environment. Workers are transported via tunnels, or declines, in vehicles to the underground mine. Facilities underground are well-lit and ventilated. Surface
facilities have been designed in a way that minimizes visibility.  

Metals are essential for the green economy.

The metals we’ll mine are not only for everyday use, they’re also in demand for
green energy. Copper for wind turbines, nickel for solar panels, cobalt for
rechargeable batteries and more.

Responsible mining means jobs.

Good ones. More than 750 direct mining jobs and 1,500 spinoff jobs
throughout the community.

Underground mining = minimal impact.

In fact, you’ll barely even see the Twin Metals project as it’s mostly underground.
Even on the surface, it will be up to 85% smaller than an open pit mine.

Not all mines and mineral deposits are the same.

The rock formation of the Duluth Complex is quite unique. Because of the way the deposit was formed, the minerals are more condensed versus spread out like other types of deposits. This allows us to mine underground and surgically extract the ore. No open pit mine is required.

Our project will support education.

Twin Metals Minnesota will generate significant tax and royalty revenue supporting state and local governments, and the education of K-12 students statewide through school trust lands. Learn more about the School Trust Lands via the Minnesota DNR.

Mining is highly regulated.

There is an extensive multi-year regulatory review process for any mine to be permitted on both the state and federal levels. Agencies involved include the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency,
U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers and other state and federal agencies. Regulations are strictly
enforced to protect water, soil, animals and air.

Our project is specifically designed to protect the environment.

No open mine pit — it’s all underground
No mining activity under Birch Lake reservoir — and no subsidence
Tailings are non-acid generating — no danger to water, plant and animal life
No tailings storage ponds or dams — no risk of pond or dam failures