Meet our parent company,


Meet our parent company,

Twin Metals Minnesota is a subsidiary of Antofagasta plc, one of the top ten copper producers globally. Antofagasta’s purpose-driven mission is to develop mining for a better future in an innovative, sustainable and inclusive manner. Antofagasta’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, safety, social responsibility and environmental protection extends to the Twin Metals project.

Antofagasta’s guidance as a global mining leader, paired with Twin Metals’ local, Minnesota-based expertise, allows for advancing a best-in-class project that will serve as a model mine for the industry.


With ambitious goals around mitigating and adapting to climate change, Antofagasta is recognized as a global leader in sustainable mining. Antofagasta’s four mining operations in Chile will use 100% renewable energy by 2022, and the company has established a goal to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, or by 730,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2025. The other longer-term target is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Additionally, Antofagasta adheres to the International Council on Mining & Metals’ Water Stewardship Framework, which ensures the organization’s efficient use of water resources.

Antofagasta also recently began the process of certifying the copper production from its Centinela and Zaldívar operations with the Copper Mark standard. Copper Mark is an internationally validated assurance framework demonstrating that copper production is obtained through processes that meet high standards of sustainability, by complying with 32 distinct criteria including greenhouse gas emissions, health and safety, tailings management, biodiversity, business integrity, gender equality and human rights. Learn more about Antofagasta’s sustainability efforts.

Twin Metals and Antofagasta recently co-hosted a webinar examining the role of Minnesota mining in helping the U.S. transition to a low-carbon future, and how Antofagasta’s focus on sustainability plays a role in guiding responsible mining in Minnesota. Find the webinar here.

Communities and people

Antofagasta currently employs approximately 20,000 people, the majority of whom are unionized. Contractors must comply with the company’s high standards for workers rights, benefits and pay. The safety and health of its employees is the company’s number-one priority. Antofagasta is also focused on advancing Diversity and Inclusion initiatives by increasing the participation of women, people with disabilities and those with international experience in its workforce. The percentage of women employed at Antofagasta has nearly doubled over the past few years and is well above the Chilean mining industry average. In 2020, half of all new hires were women. Learn more about Antofagasta’s commitment to worker safety and health.

Antofagasta is also focused on advancing Diversity and Inclusion initiatives by increasing the participation of women, people with disabilities and those with international experience in its workforce.

Developing mining for a better future means Antofagasta seeks to build sustainable long-term relationships with the communities near its operations, anchored in proactive and transparent dialogue. The company also supports local communities generously through investment, including sponsorships, social programs and donations. Learn more about Antofagasta’s community commitments.

Environmental protection

In Chile, large-scale mining projects are subject to stringent environmental and social impact assessments by the Environmental Evaluation Service. Antofagasta’s Sustainability Policy and Environmental Management Model guide the company’s work in ensuring its operations strictly comply with environmental protection standards. This means ensuring the efficient use of natural resources, biodiversity protection and mitigation of environmental impacts. The model also directs excellent operational performance, investment in the regions where Antofagasta operates, and protection of the ways of life and livelihoods of its host communities. Learn more about Antofagasta’s commitment to environmental protection.