A project for the future. For Minnesota.

Our goal is to meet the world’s growing need for critical and strategic metals — with safety as the number one priority.

A project for the future. For Minnesota.
A project for the future. For Minnesota.

We’re focused on designing, constructing and operating an underground copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals mine, located about nine miles southeast of Ely and 11 miles northeast of Babbitt. We’re targeting the minerals within the Maturi deposit, which is part of the Duluth Complex geologic formation. 

Our project will bring more than 750 direct full-time jobs and 1,500 new spinoff jobs to the residents of northeast Minnesota – an unprecedented economic impact that has the potential to revitalize an entire region. 

We’ve been at this for a while.

For more than a decade, we’ve been carefully planning how to sustainably mine these metals. Here’s a brief look at our history: 

May 2006

The largest hydrogeological study in the history of northeast Minnesota began for the legacy Duluth Metals Limited project.

January 2010

Following Duluth Metals Limited’s identification of strategic metals deposits, it formed a partnership with Antofagasta PLC. Together, they founded Twin Metals Minnesota.

August 2011

Twin Metals Minnesota completed and opened its operational headquarters in Ely.

May 2013

Twin Metals Minnesota unveiled the nearly 17,000-square-foot Core Storage Facility at its operational headquarters.

January 2015

Antofagasta PLC purchased Duluth Metals Limited in a friendly acquisition.

July 2019:

Twin Metals Minnesota announced it will use the environmentally friendly dry stack tailings storage method.

August 2019

Twin Metals Minnesota signed a Project Labor Agreement with the Iron Range Building and Construction Trades Council.

December 2019

Twin Metals Minnesota submitted its mine plan to state and federal agencies, kicking off a multi-year scoping and environmental review process that will thoroughly evaluate the proposal.


Twin Metals Minnesota is a wholly owned subsidiary of Antofagasta PLC. 18 Minnesota-based employees support two offices in Ely and St. Paul.

 We’re held to the highest standards.

We’ve been conducting a variety of hydrogeological and environmental studies for more than a decade. Data from these studies is being used to evaluate the potential impact of our project and will be essential throughout the formal Environmental Impact Statement process conducted by state and federal agencies. 

Environmental regulations tightly restrict how mines are designed and operated.
State and federal agencies require strict adherence to regulations surrounding environmental issues, including surface water and groundwater quality, threatened and endangered species, air quality, plant life, wetlands and more. If our project doesn’t meet or exceed environmental standards, it won’t be authorized
to move forward.