The facts about mining and our project.

Mining has dramatically changed over the years. What may have been true in the past is not necessarily true today. Especially with modern mining and advanced technology.

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The facts about mining and our project.

Our plan of operation

Twin Metals Minnesota is proud to formally propose its world-class, 21st century underground copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals mining project. The company is dedicated to building, operating, and closing a mine that meets or exceeds all state and federal environmental standards.

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Backfill is material used to refill an excavated area of the mine. Approximately half of the tailings from the TMM Project will be stored as permanent cemented backfill in the underground mine.


Concentrates are the end product of the Twin Metals project. These concentrates are sold on a global market and contain the minerals that have been separated from rock in the mine.

Materials & Resources