Monday June 28, 2021

Inside Sources
June 28, 2021

Nuclear power has done more to reduce carbon emissions than any other energy source.  But its growth is being stonewalled by major environmental organizations. They regard it as a systemic horror, but it’s global warming that’s the systemic horror, not nuclear plants that account for 55 percent of the nation’s zero-carbon generating capacity.  Their wrong-headed objection to nuclear power will come back to haunt them.

Despite its outstanding record, nuclear power has been relegated by opponents to the same twilight zone of contentious conflict as genetic engineering.  Recently, more than 600 environmental groups sent a letter to Congress opposing the Biden Administration’s effort to keep existing nuclear plants open, claiming it’s a “false solution.”

Harmful as the environmental movement’s opposition to nuclear power is, its extreme distaste for mining is worse.  No thanks to environmentalists, mining in the United States has been pushed to the margins. Although the United States has an abundance of mineral resources worth trillions of dollars, obstructionists have been able to block development of one mine after another.  It now takes ten years or more for a mining company to obtain a permit to open a new mine.  Repeated attempts in Congress to streamline the permitting process have failed. As a result, minerals considered essential for our nation’s economy and national security must be imported from untrustworthy countries like China.

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