Duluth News Tribune | Opinion
Dan Manick
December 22, 2023

This fall, when the state of Minnesota approved Twin Metals’ exploration plan, those of us in the building trades took it as a positive signal. The state can still make rational decisions regarding responsible development projects like mining-exploration programs, we realized.

Twin Metals is a company still willing to explore in pursuit of doing business in Minnesota, despite what has become a very unpredictable and unfriendly place to do business. The way we look at it, the company has lease contracts to explore land for its mineral resources and is exercising its right to explore on those leases. It’s that simple. Other industries and projects apply for similar plans every day.

We refuse to cede to fear mongering like that demonstrated in a “Local View” commentary in the News Tribune on Dec 2, headlined, “ Greed never sleeps, so mining proposals persist near the Boundary Waters .”

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