Hi folks, we’re the Wolf Gang.

We live in northeast Minnesota and we’re here to give Twin Metals a howl out for the way they’re planning to mine. Not like the old days, but in a very modern, very safe way — very high tech to help protect the environment.

The mining will even be underground. Very small pawprint. That’s good, cause we love it here, and we love having such a nice place to live.


Cobi is more reserved in her personality, studied and thoughtful. She’s always looking for new forms of clean energy to protect the environment. No wonder one of Cobi’s focuses is on battery technology.


Copperfield is a more serious wolf, highly educated, into science and innovation. He loves that Twin Metals is implementing the latest technologies in its mine plan. Copperfield has a special interest in wind energy.


Nick is a fun-loving wolf, a fun guy. Representing how nickel is used in stainless steel, batteries and aircraft, Nick loves to travel and pursue new business opportunities to benefit the region.