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Editorial counterpoint from Twin Metals: Let the mine permit process work

Star Tribune
Kelly Osborne, Twin Metals Minnesota’s CEO

All of this regulatory scrutiny and public process is rooted in the congressional action that established the BWCA in the first place.

We take this process seriously, and we understand the importance of getting it right in this location. That’s why we will be proposing a 21st-century underground mine using advanced dry stack tailings technology that requires no tailings basins or dams, which significantly reduces our impact.

We have invested in the minerals of northeastern Minnesota because this region is home of one of the most important deposits of critical minerals in the world. We fully understand what makes the region unique. We have searched worldwide for the most advanced technologies for operating this type of mine and preserving the natural resources that surround the mine.

We have a long road ahead, and we believe that ultimately these processes have and will continue to protect Minnesota’s environmental resources. We intend to make our mine a model for sustainable, modern underground mining — and yield to no one in our concern for the protection of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. If we can’t demonstrate that in objective, credible ways, the project won’t be approved. Nor should it be.

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