Responsible Mining

To be a responsible mining company it is imperative that policies and programs be put in place to address potential social, environmental and community impacts. Twin Metals Minnesota is committed to the sustainable development of its mining project, and its size, scope, and potential duration mean that it will be a significant presence in the communities of northern Minnesota for many decades. Twin Metals has already invested more than $400 million on project development activities.

Even though the actual mining operations of Twin Metals will not begin for a number of years, we have nonetheless begun to create the framework for managing our sustainability impacts. We have identified four core categories that will form the basis of our sustainability program: environmental protection, social development, community well-being and employee safety and health.

Supporting our efforts in these core areas will be a comprehensive engagement program that will drive dialogue with constituencies and facilitate the development of partnerships with stakeholders. Our goal is to actively seek input to ensure that our project is operated in a way that meets the expectations of Minnesotans and our stakeholders.