Mine Reader

  • 11 September 2018

    We Only Thrive When Our Communities Prosper

    One of the values every Twin Metals employee holds is an unwavering commitment to community. Whether it’s creating new jobs, protecting the region’s natural treasures or simply giving back, putting time and effort into the places we reside is incredibly important to us.

  • 13 July 2018

    We Are Committed to Environmental Accountability

    As misinformation continues to swirl surrounding our commitment to environmental accountability, we’d like to clear things up.

  • 04 June 2018

    An Update On the Twin Metals Minnesota Project

    We at Twin Metals Minnesota are making significant progress with the design of our underground mine project. We know how much this project means to local communities and feel it’s our responsibility to share updates whenever possible.

  • 16 March 2018

    We Are Twin Metals Minnesota

    As the Twin Metals Minnesota Project continues to progress, we wanted to take a step back to highlight the organization and people behind it.

  • 19 December 2015

    A Look Beneath the Surface: Minnesota’s Underground Mining History

    The Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) Project will be the first underground mine in Minnesota in more than 50 years. It follows in the remarkable footsteps of some of the most notable underground mines in the country that were located in northern Minnesota many years ago.

  • 05 December 2015

    Developing Minnesota’s First Underground Mine in 50 Years

    Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) is pursuing the development and operation of a modern underground copper, nickel and platinum group metals (PGM) mine in northeast Minnesota.

  • 24 October 2015

    Pirates, Princesses and Minerals, Oh My!

    Children and adults alike are getting creative with their costumes, and kids are finding bags for trick-or-treating while adults hit the stores for this year’s stash of candy. Did you know that without mining, many of our Halloween celebrations would be very different today?

  • 19 September 2015

    Minerals in Healthcare

    With so many patients and limited hospital space, the need for efficiencies and safe practices in every medical institution is crucial. Thanks to – you guessed it! – minerals, hospitals are continuing to improve the care of patients through safe and healthy practices.

  • 22 August 2015

    Back to School with Cool Tools

    As students buy school supplies and gear up for the approaching academic year, we take a look at the minerals that make education what it is today.

  • 25 July 2015

    Copper and Nickel Meet Summer Fun

    Warm weather has finally arrived and as we soak in the sun and spend our days enjoying the summer air, we can find copper and nickel in many activities and tools we use to celebrate the season. From right at home to vacations on the road, minerals are everywhere.

  • Statue of Liberty
    13 June 2015

    Minerals in American History: The Statue of Liberty

    The Statue of Liberty is one of the most well-known American landmarks in the world today. Without copper, the Statue would have never been built as the symbol of freedom we know and love.

  • 09 May 2015

    Minerals in Transportation

    Whether by automobile, plane or train, copper and other metals can be found in the modes of transportation we use traveling to our favorite destinations.

  • 25 April 2015

    Copper Leads the Way in Innovation

    We’ve explored the crucial role copper plays in modern vehicles and hospitals in past issues of Mine Reader. This week, we look back in time and investigate how the metal made historical discoveries possible.

  • 11 April 2015

    Copper in Everyday Life: Cars

    This week, Mine Reader explores the ways copper has influenced the transportation industry over the past century.

  • 28 March 2015

    Celebrating Women’s History Month and Women in Mining

    In 1987 Congress designated March as “Women’s History Month.” Along with honoring women and their contributions to society past and present, March is also a time to reflect on gender equality advancements in different industries.

  • 14 March 2015

    Mining-Related Educational Programs in Northeast Minnesota

    Requiring a variety of skillsets from its employees, the mining industry is the foundation for many local educational programs in northeast Minnesota aiming to prepare students for the workforce.

  • 28 February 2015

    Minerals Keep Us Warm in the Winter

    Though northern Minnesota is among the coldest regions in the country, minerals keep us warm no matter the wind chill outside.

  • 14 February 2015

    Happy Presidents Day

    Each year, the nation celebrates Presidents Day, which honors the legacies of those who have led the United States.

  • 31 January 2015

    Twin Metals Minnesota: History and Project Status

    On Jan. 20, 2015, Antofagasta plc (www.antofagasta.co.uk) completed the friendly acquisition of Duluth Metals Limited. Read about how this development fits in the history of Twin Metals Minnesota.

  • 17 January 2015

    Copper’s Essential Role in Solar Power Generation

    The strategic metals found in northeastern Minnesota’s Duluth Complex are essential components to solar power generation and other green energy technologies.

  • 27 December 2014

    Happy Holidays

    The holiday season is for spending time with family and friends, being thankful, giving back and celebrating. No matter how you plan to celebrate this season, strategic metals are likely an important part of your holiday activities.

  • 13 December 2014

    Ely’s Mining Heritage: Pioneer Mine

    The Pioneer Mine began operation in 1888. At the mine’s closing in 1967, it was operating at 1,626 feet below the surface. More than 41 million long tons of ore were mined during the life of the Pioneer Mine.

  • 22 November 2014

    Ely’s Mining Heritage: Sibley Mine

    The Sibley Mine was owned by the Oliver Mining Company, a subsidiary of the U.S. Steel Corporation. The mine began shipping ore in 1899 from the No. 1 shaft. This shaft was later abandoned and further mining operations continued at the No. 2 shaft until 1954.

  • 08 November 2014

    Ely’s Mining Heritage: Savoy Mine

    The Savoy Mine reached depths of 840 feet and produced more than 1.8 million long tons of iron ore during its operation. The ore body and steel shaft from the Savoy Mine were later utilized by the Sibley Mine which operated until 1954.

  • 25 October 2014


    Originally, Zenith Mine was owned by the Minnesota Iron Company which was purchased by Henry H. Porter, a Chicago railroad owner, who had bought 25,000 acres of land in northern Minnesota.

  • 11 October 2014

    Ely’s Mining Heritage: Chandler Mine

    In the late 1800’s Ely, Minnesota entered the mining industry, eventually becoming home to five active iron mines which produced more than 86 million long tons of ore over a nearly 80 year period.

  • 27 September 2014

    Strategic Metals Support Clean Automobiles

    Strategic metals are critical raw materials in modern gasoline-powered, hybrid and fully electric cars, helping to reduce harmful exhaust emissions, improve mileage, increase longevity, and support environmentally-friendly technological advances.

  • 13 September 2014

    Nickel & Healthcare

    The most commonly used nickel alloy, stainless steel, is a vital component to the modern healthcare industry.

  • 30 August 2014

    Twin Metals Minnesota Project Offers Extraordinary Economic Opportunity

    Twin Metals Minnesota recently completed a Prefeasibility Study (PFS) for its proposed underground copper, nickel and platinum group metals mine in northeast Minnesota.

  • 16 August 2014

    Minnesota’s Promising Future in Helping Reduce Automobile Emissions

    One of the most common uses for platinum and palladium are in autocatalysts, which are vital to reducing automobile emissions and pollutants.

  • 26 July 2014

    Nickel’s Role in City Infrastructure

    Approximately 80 percent of primary nickel used in the U.S. in 2011 was used in alloys, like stainless steel.

  • 12 July 2014


    Copper’s electrical conductivity is one of the unique properties that distinguishes it from other metals and makes it such a vital component to current and developing technologies.

  • 28 June 2014

    Fourth of July & Minerals

    Last year, more than 213 million pounds of fireworks were purchased in the U.S. alone. Did you know that the beautiful colors that light up the sky from these fireworks are a result of minerals?

  • 14 June 2014

    Favorite Summer Pastimes Rely on Strategic Minerals

    For most Minnesotans, summer means enjoying the outdoors with friends and family including: road trips, grilling, boating, fishing and sometimes even escaping the heat with air conditioning. Did you know that all of these activities need strategic metals?

  • 24 May 2014


    The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released its Annual Energy Outlook, a report that analyzes factors that will or could affect change in the U.S.’s energy system over the long term.

  • 10 May 2014

    Mining-Focused Educational Opportunities Expand in Northern Minnesota

    Minnesota students interested in pursuing a career in mining or mining-related fields now have more high quality education opportunities to choose from.

  • 26 April 2014

    Strategic Metals Uses in the Growing Green Economy

    Twin Metals’ mineral deposits are part of the Duluth Complex, home to one of the world’s largest untapped copper, nickel and platinum group metals (PGM) resources in the world.

  • 12 April 2014

    2014 Mineral Commodity Summaries

    The U.S. Geological Survey recently released its 2014 Mineral Commodity Summaries, an annual report that summarizes information about domestic minerals and their importance in the U.S. economy.

  • 22 March 2014

    Core Samples Consolidated to Ely Core Storage Facility

    Over the past nine months the new Ely Core Storage Facility has had a flurry of activity – putting to good use the new building’s more than 16,000 sq. ft. of storage space.

  • 08 March 2014

    Metals Importance in the Olympics

    Last month, the world watched in awe as world-class athletes from around the world competed in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. This week Mine Reader offers a few interesting facts about how critical minerals played an important role in the Olympic Games.

  • 22 February 2014

    Mining’s Positive Impact on Minnesota and America’s Economies

    In late 2013, the National Mining Association (NMA) released a report, The Economic Contributions of U.S. Mining (2011), which reviewed the economic importance of mining both to individual states as well as to the United States as a whole.

  • 08 February 2014

    Nickel Fun Facts

    Nickel, element 28 on the periodic table, is a mineral that is very ductile, alloys readily, resists corrosion and oxidation, has a high melting point, and also has catalytic properties.

  • 11 January 2014

    Study Finds No Substitutes for Important Metals

    The National Mining Association recently highlighted a study from Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies that analyzed potential substitutes for 62 different metals and their major uses.

  • 28 December 2013

    Flambeau Mine Demonstrates Successful Operation and Reclamation

    This week, Mine Reader highlights Mining Minnesota’s fact sheet explaining how copper-nickel metal mining has been done safely and successfully at the Flambeau Mine in Ladysmith, Wis.

  • 14 December 2013

    Strong Safeguards Ensure Minnesota’s Natural Resources Will Be Protected

    Highlights from Mining Minnesota’s fact sheet explaining how strong safeguards will ensure Minnesota’s natural resources will be protected against potential impacts from mining.

  • 23 November 2013


    This week, Mine Reader highlights Mining Minnesota’s fact sheet explaining how Minnesota’s “financial assurance” law and rules – seen as national models – ensures state taxpayers are protected from future financial burdens related to mining.

  • 09 November 2013

    Reclamation Safeguards Minnesota’s Natural Beauty

    Multiple state and federal agencies have strict requirements and environmental standards in place for the reclamation or maintenance of all mining and processing sites.

  • 26 October 2013

    Mining Protects Minnesota’s Water Resources

    Modern mining is highly regulated by multiple state and federal government agencies.

  • 12 October 2013

    Mining Minnesota Provides Reasons for Governor Dayton to Say Yes to Copper-Nickel Mining

    Mining Minnesota announced it sent a letter to Gov. Dayton addressing the four questions an activist group had posed to the Governor before copper-nickel mining projects move forward.

  • 28 September 2013

    U.S. House Vote Demonstrates Support for Mining Projects

    On Sept. 18, the U.S. House of Representatives demonstrated its support for the domestic mining industry by approving, on a bipartisan vote, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2013 (H.R. 761).

  • 14 September 2013

    Twin Metals Environmental Commitment

    Twin Metals Minnesota is dedicated to protecting Minnesota’s pristine wilderness, natural environment and recreational resources, and is committed to environmentally responsible mining practices in every aspect of mine construction and operation.

  • 24 August 2013

    The History of Platinum Group Metals: Platinum and Palladium

    Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) include platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium and osmium. Two of these elements – platinum and palladium – are found in the Twin Metals’ deposit, and are the only two PGMs found in their pure form in nature.

  • 10 August 2013

    The History of Copper

    Copper, which comes from the Latin word, cuprum, meaning ”from the island of Cyprus,” is one of the oldest metals known to civilization, dating back more than 10,000 years.

  • 27 July 2013

    The History of Nickel

    Nickel has been found in artifacts from more than 2,000 years ago; however, the understanding of the metal and its uses dates back to more recent times.

  • 13 July 2013

    History of Mining and Immigration in Northeastern Minnesota

    In the second part of a two part series, Mine Reader highlights the history of mining in northeast Minnesota and the impact immigration had on the industry and region.

  • 29 June 2013

    Twin Metals Honors Construction Team at Summer Open House

    Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) hosted a community open house June 21 to honor the workers and businesses who worked through harsh winter conditions to construct TMM’s new core storage facility in Ely, Minn.

  • 15 June 2013

    Twin Metals Completes Ely Core Storage Facility

    Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) was hard at work this past winter constructing a nearly 17,000-square-foot core storage facility, located next to Twin Metal’s Ely Operational Headquarters. The new building was completed in early May and houses core samples.

  • 25 May 2013

    Resources for Facts About Strategic Metals Mining

    Minnesota stands at the threshold of an unprecedented economic opportunity that will fuel job creation, economic growth and public revenues for generations. Twin Metals encourages all citizens to understand the facts about strategic metals mining.

  • 11 May 2013

    History of Mining in Northeastern Minnesota

    Twin Metals Minnesota is proud to be at the threshold of mining’s rich heritage in northeastern Minnesota. In a two part series, Mine Reader will highlight the history of mining and the impact immigration had on the industry and region.

  • 27 April 2013

    Twin Metals Participates in Annual SME Conference

    The Minnesota Section of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) partnered with the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) to hold the 86th annual SME conference and 74th annual UMD Mining Symposium April 15-17 in Duluth, Minn.

  • 13 April 2013

    New Core Shed Building Construction Continues to Progress

    With the active drilling program producing a high volume of core samples, Twin Metals is constructing a new 16,200 square foot core storage building, located next to Twin Metal’s Ely headquarters.

  • 23 March 2013

    Twin Metals Minnesota and Partners Support the Precambrian Research Center

    Twin Metals Minnesota and its joint venture partners, Duluth Metals and Antofagasta, are proud supporters of the Precambrian Research Center at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

  • 09 March 2013

    UMD Study Showcases Mining’s Importance to Minnesota’s Economy

    The University of Minnesota-Duluth’s Labovitz School of Business and Economics recently released a report highlighting the current and future economic impacts of Minnesota’s mining industry.

  • 23 February 2013

    Diamond Core Drilling Process: Part 2

    TMM previously shared the first five steps of the diamond core drilling process, identified by our Virginia, Minn. based partner, IDEA Drilling, TMM’s main core drilling contractor. The second part of this two part series explores the last four steps in the drilling process.

  • 09 February 2013

    Diamond Core Drilling Process: Part 1

    Twin Metals is proud to partner with Virginia, Minn. based IDEA Drilling as their main core drilling contractor. IDEA has developed an excellent guide to the process of diamond core drilling. Mine Reader will highlight key parts of that guide in a two-part series.

  • 26 January 2013

    Components of a Drill Site – Part 2

    Twin Metals’ drilling program gathers rock samples – known as “core samples” – that are studied to develop a profile, or three-dimensional picture, of the strategic metals deposits that have been identified for possible underground mining development.

  • 12 January 2013

    Components of a Drill Site – Part 1

    Twin Metals’ drilling program gathers rock samples – known as “core samples” – that are studied to develop a profile, or three-dimensional picture, of the strategic metals deposits that have been identified for possible underground mining development.

  • 22 December 2012

    Platinum & Palladium 101

    The term “platinum” often signifies prestige or exclusivity – think platinum credit cards or albums that go platinum – it is also a fitting title for platinum group metals as it contains some of the rarest elements found in the earth’s crust.

  • 08 December 2012

    Twin Metals Minnesota Expanding Facilities in Ely

    A little more than one year after moving into their Ely headquarters, Twin Metals Minnesota is expanding its facilities with a new core sample storage building.

  • 24 November 2012

    Nickel 101

    A silvery-white and lustrous metal, nickel is the fifth most common element on earth and has the symbol Ni. Nickel is extremely versatile and is used in more than 300,000 products across a wide variety of industries and materials.

  • 10 November 2012

    Twin Metals Launches New Website

    This past week Twin Metals Minnesota launched a new, redesigned website. Twin Metals is excited to announce the new and improved site as it provides additional information in a variety of formats for stakeholders.

  • 27 October 2012

    Copper 101

    “Copper” comes from the Latin word cuprum, which means “from the island of Cyprus.” The element’s symbol for copper is Cu and its atomic number is 29. One of the oldest metals known to civilization, copper continues to make significant contributions to today’s society.

  • 13 October 2012

    The Science of Extracting Metals

    The Twin Metals Minnesota underground mining project will utilize state-of-the-art mining technologies. Extracting strategic metals involves several steps leading to usable end products.

  • 29 September 2012

    Careers in the Mining Industry: Part 2

    Over the course of project development and mine operation, Twin Metals Minnesota will employ Minnesotans within a variety of professions.

  • 15 September 2012

    Careers in the Mining Industry: Part 1

    Twin Metals Minnesota’s proposed underground mining project will create thousands of construction jobs and hundreds – potentially thousands – of long-term mining jobs for generations of Minnesotans.

  • 25 August 2012

    Mining Companies Support Minnesota Schools

    Throughout Minnesota’s Iron Range, mining companies are spurring economic development by providing jobs and generating millions of dollars in state and local taxes.

  • 11 August 2012

    Celebrating a Year of Accomplishment

    Twin Metals Minnesota was founded two years ago and opened its new Ely Operational Headquarters one year later. This week, we take a look at highlights from the past year.

  • 28 July 2012

    Minnesota Mining Wages and Job Growth Outpace Other Industries

    Minnesota’s mining industry has provided thousands of jobs for 130 years, fueling the economy of northeastern Minnesota, supporting families and contributing to community growth.

  • 14 July 2012

    A Day in the Life of a Twin Metals Minnesota Field Geologist

    Field geologists are integral members of the Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) staff as each geologist helps the company understand and further define the mineral deposits which are a part of the TMM project.

  • 23 June 2012

    Nine Steps to a Mine’s Development – Part 2

    In the second part of the two part series, the last five steps a mine must go through per the EPA, to become operational,are reviewed.

  • 16 June 2012

    Nine Steps to Mine’s Development – Part 1

    Establishing a mining project, such as the TMM underground strategic metals mine, takes a lot of analysis, field study and time. The U.S. EPA lists nine steps a mining project must complete before it can become operational. Here we explore the first four steps.

  • 26 May 2012

    Modern Mining Pocket Dictionary

    Modern mining uses new technology, methods and procedures to safely extract strategic metals from the earth. With new mining methods come new terms that define what strategic metals mining is all about.

  • 12 May 2012

    Minerals Support Our Daily Lives

    Minerals have a profound impact on Americans’ daily lives. The Mineral Information Institute put together a list of minerals an American will need in their lifetime, many of which rest within Minnesota.

  • 28 April 2012

    What Are Strategic Metals?

    Copper, nickel, platinum, palladium and gold are essential to industries such as power generation, electronics, aerospace, food processing, construction, automotive and healthcare.

  • 14 April 2012

    Jobs Are Needed on the Iron Range

    According to the most recent data from the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development, Minnesota’s statewide unemployment rate in January was at 6.4 percent.

  • 24 March 2012

    Minnesota and National Mining Industry Information Resources

    Objective and factual information about mining is plentiful. We’ve listed out some of our favorite mining information resources.

  • 10 March 2012

    Spurring Economic Development in Minnesota

    The Twin Metals Minnesota proposed underground mining project will create hundreds – potentially thousands – of Minnesota jobs for both construction and long-term operations.

  • 25 February 2012

    Environmentally Responsible Mining

    Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) is strongly committed to developing an environmentally responsible mine project that exceeds state and federal environmental protection standards.

  • 11 February 2012

    In 2012, It’s All About the Prefeasibility Study

    In October 2011, Twin Metals Minnesota launched a prefeasibility study (PFS) to analyze and determine the key details of its proposed underground copper, nickel, platinum, palladium and gold (strategic metals) mine.